These can be a real hurdle when setting up VoIP, help others by posting your configs, tips and tricks or simply ask others for help if you're stuck.
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By WelshPaul
No a NAT outbound proxy does not need to be used unless you experience firewall or registration problems.

[The usual symptoms are one sided calls or calls being sent directly to voicemail.]

More information here:

Firewall Issues?
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By WelshPaul
kylerlittle wrote:Hmm, that's interesting. Why do you think it shouldn't unless you experience firewall and registration problems though?
Because Firewall and Registration problems are almost always NAT related, if it's ain't broke... :P

Look at it another way - If you're sitting in front of your TV watching a cool movie that you can hear just fine, would you turn the volume up full just because the TV has an option to do so ?
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