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By routearound
Does plugging in a PoE powered Ethernet cable into a non PoE device cause any damage?
I'm wondering if I will fry anything by doing this or is there a safety mechanism that detects this sort carelessness.

Basically I have ordered a Netgear 8 port PoE from Amazon and all 8 ports have PoE, if I plug my voip phones into 3 of those ports and my computer in to another will it blow up my PC?
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By WelshPaul
You can safely connect a non-poe device to a poe switch with no problems.

A device that can accept power from the switch has a certain resistance value across a pair of the wires in the cable. If the switch detects that resistance, than power is applied. Otherwise, it's not.

Also, you can usually disable power on a per port basis. Use the "power inline never" command to disable power.
By kaiuk
I don't think cables are rated PoE complaint or not, just the switches and connected devices. As WelshPaul has said, you can plug in any non-PoE device into a PoE switch without causing problems.

If you are still concerned about it, you can just buy a regular non-PoE switch and then connect a power injector to your PoE device (VoIP phone) only. This will allow you to connect it to a regular switch and still give it power.
By Johnderman
After reading your original question I was about to suggest exactly what kaiuk suggested, get an extra switch with a few ports and use that, but really, plugging devices that don't need POE into POE ports shouldn't be a problem. The POE power supplier communicates with the device to see if it is POE compatible before supplying full power to it.
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