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By kaiuk
Does anyone know how to reset a Cisco 2811 router back to factory defaults? I've got an old one lying around from the previous ISP and they don't want to collect it. They probably think they're being generous by giving us a Cisco router :crazy:

Before disposing i should probably wipe the data on it but was looking for an idiots guide on doing a factory reset. Shame there isn't just a pinhole button you can press with a paperclip!


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By WelshPaul
The Cisco 2811 is a rack mounted (ISR) router that offers Voice support and although it's an old model was never supplied or aimed at the domestic market. It's a business class router, an expensive one at that. who supplied you with that beast? :o

It would probably be easier just to hit the thing with a hammer and bin it than go through the rigmarole of factory resetting the thing. However if you still want to go ahead and reset it then I found this video on youtube...

By kaiuk
You are right, it is for a business and was used to provide us with a leased line connection. However, after upgrading we got a new router and they didn't want the old one back. I guess it is too old and no longer usable, plus it would cost time and money to dispose of properly.

Thanks for the video, without some type of Cisco certification it looks like a complicated operation :eh: I'll give it a go but as a backup option i will have screwdrivers and a hammer at the ready!

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