These can be a real hurdle when setting up VoIP, help others by posting your configs, tips and tricks or simply ask others for help if you're stuck.
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By kaiuk
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The Demilitarised Zone is the part of the network between the dangers of the internet and the safety of your local network (not a server between north and south korea :lol: )

If you only have one firewall, then some setups mean it is in front of the firewall and fully exposed! However, if this gets hacked into it is all they will get and not the valuable stuff on your private network.
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By WelshPaul
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Nope never used anything in DMZ mode. never would either. Too much of a risk for me lol
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By nytegeek
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A DMZ or perimeter network can be a design that puts publicly accessible servers on an isolated network piece. A DMZ hopefully ensures that publicly accessible servers cannot interact with the internal network in case a server is compromised. It separates an internal local area network from untrusted networks.

On home routers you can configure a DMZ Host. This really isn't a DMZ actually. A DMZ host is a host on a home network is just a configuration exposes all your ports except the ports that are forwarded. You would only need to do this for a double NAT situation or forwarding all your ports to another firewall or router.

Most home users should never mess with the DMZ settings in their router.

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