These can be a real hurdle when setting up VoIP, help others by posting your configs, tips and tricks or simply ask others for help if you're stuck.
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By ericnail
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Nothing will ever block every hole. With that said, windows firewall does a pretty good job. It's also very simple to use and you can add as many exceptions as I want.

However, when I say it blocks well, I mean that it blocks direct intrusions over unopened ports. If you get a virus over port 80 or 8080 (HTTP/HTTPS) then it will not block that and depending on the virus it could open more ports increasing vulnerability. As a safety precaution I would say never allow yourself to go without some kind of secondary protection.
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By lokiebunny
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Yes! it blocks everything and only allows trusted programs, it gives proper protection to your computer. The best thing which I like about Firewall is their easy interface becuase don't need to do anything just enable the protection rest of they will take care of it by their own. Firewall protect your operating system and hold the internet traffic to enter into your system because there are many programs which enter into the system(Computer) without your permission or without your knowledge or could corrupt your OS and files. Firewalls holds all of them and only allows trusted programs as I mentioned in my first line.
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By nytegeek
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No it doesn't, and you wouldn't want it to either. It does block what it should though. The windows firewall is more than sufficient unless you have a need for specialized features. If you need a better firewall you can always shell out the money for a hardware firewall. You don't likely need one though unless it is an enterprise or business solution.
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By bluegreen
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vinaya wrote:As long as you are using genuine version of windows, the windows firewall blocks unwanted programs and virus. The only drawbacks of this program it sometimes tries to block when you are installing a new program.
Well, did you read everything that was said before your post? Because it's clear that Windows Firewall doesn't block EVERYTHING, and it only block a new program if you are not using genuine programs ;)

And nowadays almost every company (well, here in my country at least) provides routers with integrated firewalls, in adition to your own firewall in your own Operating System. So you don't need more than that, unless, as nytegeek said, you are a large company that depends on internet services ;)
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