These can be a real hurdle when setting up VoIP, help others by posting your configs, tips and tricks or simply ask others for help if you're stuck.


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nytegeek wrote:
nytegeek wrote:
bluegreen wrote: Can you please send me official reviews about this theme? I am interested in reading them, since this goes against the opinion I had and I am pretty sure that I am not that wrong... I would be really apreaciated if you could send me some reviews/analisis!
Here is the deal. If you truly care about the security of your PC you would research this yourself. That was my main point. The fact that you need to ask me for the proof kind of worries me, especially since a simple google search will point out independent lab testing results. Because my goal is to educate, I will include some links for you anyway. Microsoft lost some AV certification in 2012 and has been having issues being certified ever since. Here are a few articles you may read: ... -test.aspx ... est-74514/ ... ification/

You can also go straight to the source. One of the leading independent testing labs: ... .6-150671/ (on this one note the industry averages of 97% and 99%, windows defender is low by comparison)
this is enlightening @nytgeek, i have been using my laptop without an antivirus for the 8 months. i used one but my laptop kept on hanging, i deleted it. i will definitely read up and maybe install one of those recommended.


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Using free antivirus is better than not using any antivirus. If free version could detect all kinds malware, why would be there paid version. In other words, who would bother to buy paid antivirus if free could secure your device 100 percent. Free version works, but not as good as paid version.

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