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By John Donovan
bluegreen wrote:
John Donovan wrote:This has been roaming the Internet for a few years now, but I've heard that if you place an aluminum foil in a specific direction over your router, you can boost your signal in said direction. Now, before acting silly in front of my family, I'd really appreciate it if any of you could confirm or deny that myth.
This made me smile (in the good sense:)). Because when I read it made me remember an episode of Mythbusters (you know wich series is this?) where they busted that myth. So I don't think it works, they tried and the results didn't support the theory :p so it's Busted ahah :-D
Oh, so it's just another urban myth, then. I usually take Mythbusters' word for granted, as they usually know their stuff. Too bad my cable provider no longer gives me access to Discovery channel, and I keep forgetting to search for Mythbusters episodes online.


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