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By John Donovan
Ah, I come bearing cheap-router-related problems once again! This time, my router seems to not properly transmit signal to... my bathroom. Yes, it might seem disgusting to some, but I'm sure that I'm not the only one who browses the Internet while on the throne.

However, I seem to get full signal, but the Internet does not work at all, and I am, once again, forced to use my neighbors' Wi-Fi connection.

I really am thinking of just getting a better router, but I'd like to know if I could do something to improve this one firstly.


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By jamesbonner
Hi John, haha don't be embarrassed because I also use the WiFi when I go to the bathroom, we spend a lot of time there and we need to browse the internet to enjoy the time spent lol, any way john since you are getting a good signal and you have no internet that looks strange, did you tried to restart your router ? does your phone works outside the bathroom ? maybe there is no internet access at all ! Please try to reset your router and re-do the configuration and I think that should fix it up.
By pwarbi
Bathroom related internet usage, what a quality topic this is! Haha. Seriously though, I don't think there's one person in the world that doesn't use their internet while they're in the bathroom so I wouldn't be too embarrassed about it.

Anyway, is that the only room in the house where you lose connection, or do you struggle anywhere else? Is the bathroom the furthest room away from the router or does it just not want to connect in there?
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By nytegeek
It's the modern from of taking the newspaper to the bathroom I think. My wife will ask me why I'm grabbing my smartphone and I just tell her it's my digital newspaper. She gives me a disgusted look and shrugs it off, but I'm fairly certain I have heard candy crush coming from the bathroom a few times when she is in there.
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By ericnail
I look forward to using my 'personal time' in the bathroom to surf. Matter of fact I prefer it!

I would say it could be the closed off area, but if you have good signal strength then that isn't the issue.

It could be some sort of interference from another device or devices in the area or even another WiFi signal. Easiest way to find out is to go into your router's setting and change the WiFi channel around and see if any of the other channels provide a better 'experience'.

If not then likely it's just a poor quality router and you might consider returning it if still possible.

Best of luck!
By pwarbi
The modern day equivalent of taking your newspaper in there! That's exactly what it is these days and I bet there isn't one person that hasn't done that in the past!

I guess this shows that technology really is taking over our lives, and wether that's a good thing or not, the debate will go on, but what isn't up for debate is if it's here to stay or not.
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