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By Jonas
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I am running FreePBX 13 on a Raspberry PI.

Earlier today I installed the "Parking Lot" module via the "Module Admin" located within the FreePBX GUI. No errors were given and I have the "Parking" option available under "Applications" (all default values).

Having spent the best part of an hour trying it out, it simply doesn't work! When on a call, dialling *270 results in the caller being put on hold but I hear a message informing me that I have dialed an invalid extension and i'm reconnected to the call? Tried *271 right through to *278 puts the caller on hold and immediately the call is reconnected to me?

Any help would be greatly received. :)
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By WelshPaul
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Access your PI via SSH and try running the following commands:
  • asterisk -r
  • module load
  • quit
  • reboot
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