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Hi Folks,
I'm not sure if anyone can help me but I have a strange issue with Sipdroid, everything works well when I communicate with the server (Freepbx V15) for the exception of Music on hold, I have a Msc App to a time condition which points to a ring group.
In this call group I have the "Play Music on hold" set to a recorded message. When I call the Msc app number the call goes through just fine the extensions in the ring group all ring and when answered all work well. However the Music on hold does not play in the callers handset.
If I use Zoiper as the softphone it works well, I thought this might be a coder issue, however If I replace the ring group with a "Play recording - with the same clip" both softphone apps work well..
It's a strange issue I wondered if someone had encountered this before or may have a suggestion to rectify it?

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