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By Mrdiy88
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Is it possible to select an outbound route for emergency calls if the user dials 999.

I currently have 2 trunks (one which supports 999 calls) and one that does not.

The trunk that has no emergency support is the default outbound route for calls as they are providing a good price. The other trunk is used for incoming calls mainly as their calls to mobiles are rather expensive.

Is it possible to setup freepbx to use the trunk that supports 999 if a user dials 999 on their extension?

Many Thanks in advance
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By ostridge
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In the FreePBX GUI create an outbound route called emergency set it as emargency route. configure the dialing patterns for

(prepend) prefix | [ dial-pattern / CallerID }
( 999 ) 112 | [ / ]
( ) | [ 999 / ] ; (Removes dialed prefix substitutes 999 goes to the PSAP.)
( 999 ) 911 | [ / ]
( 10000 ) | [ 988 / ] ; A test number to test if the route works

Sipgate 999 service requires location verification by mail before service gets enabled.
Point Route to the Sipgate trunk where 999, and 10000 must be included as dial-patterns

Then Test , test again , and test again. Do not do a real test, or make arrangement for it at quiet time apologise and be quick.
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