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I have a FreePBX which I'm able to register with Sipgate through my router quite happily, and I can make and receive calls (with audio! thats always a bonus).

But to be ultra safe, I'd like to route the calls through my Sangoma SBC, which is recommended by Sangome (according to their training videos). So my connectivity will be

FreePBX <--> SBC <--> Router<--->Sipgate

I followd the SBC config videos on the Sangoma web site, and the SBC registers fine with Sipgate. However, if I try to place a call it fails.

Wireshark tells me that sipgate has :-

OK'd the first OPTIONS message,
SBC then sends an INVITE
sipgate then responds with Authentication Required,
which it gets from SBC,
then the next INVITE gets a
Status: 403 Forbidden (check from field)

If I compare the from field in the sip trace where I'm connected directly (not via the SBC), to the from field when the SBC is in circuit, the from field is of the form when its directly connected (which seems to work fine),but it is when it is connected via the SBC. (Which doesn't work)

My SBC SIP trunk does have the correct SIP-ID etc. configured, so I am at a loss why the INVITE is being rejected and why the from field is as it is.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

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