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By WelshPaul
What is OBiPLUS?

Simply put it turns the small OBihai ATA into a Mini PBX which can support up to a maximum of 12 extensions. It comes in two flavours, OBiPLUS Basic and OBiPLUS Premium. The basic package is free and allows up to 4 users where as the Premium package has an annual charge of $300 (around £178.93 here in the UK) and provides up to a maximum of 12 extensions.

OBihai are offering a special introductory price for only $120 (around £71.57 here in the UK) per year at the moment and if you take up the offer they promise to let you renew each year at the introductory price.

OBiPLUS Solution Highlights:
  • On-Premise Communications System — The brain of the OBiPLUS solution is referred to as the 'Master OBi'. This is an "off-the-shelf" OBi202 device installed with a Premium or Basic OBiPLUS license available from the OBiTALK portal. Since the Master OBi is owned by you and located on your company premise, you have total control over how the system is used and what services it uses to place and receive calls.

    IP Phone and Cordless or Corded Analog/Digital Phone Support — OBiPLUS supports the use of Cisco SPA50xG and SPA303 IP phones as user extensions. IP phones are very useful with multiple programmable buttons (including side car consoles), high-quality, full-duplex speakerphones and power over Ethernet support. OBiPLUS also supports analog/digital cordless and corded phones when connected to the phone port of an OBi device. The Master OBi supports two phone extensions natively — perfect for cordless phones, fax machines and overhead paging systems, etc.

    Automated Attendant — The OBiPLUS automated attendant or "AA" allows your business to greet callers with accurate information and consistency in how calls are routed to individuals and ring-groups. The AA replaces the need for a receptionist, makes a professional impression on callers to your business and handle calls efficiently to the correct person or team.

    Support Direct from Obihai — Personalized support from Obihai is provided by our OBiPLUS technicians to help you buy the correct equipment, plan the implementation of the OBiPLUS system, configure and tune the system as well as provide day-to-day on-going support for employee movements and changes as well as changes in how you want the system to function.

    Use Any Internet Phone Service — The OBiPLUS small business solution provides you with that ability to use Internet Voice over IP services for all of your inbound and outbound calls. Giant savings can be had by switching your business number(s) to a VoIP service. It is not uncommon for a small business to save well-over 60% of what they paid with a traditional telco or cable company provided phone service.
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By willko
Sounds interesting & great price...

Anyone using with Voipfone? I like the idea of one touch pickup & transfer - With Voipfone's cloud PBX (excellent service btw!) I always get asked if there's an easier way... or a pick up any ringing ext option..

Is the one touch pickup available for any ringing ext..? i.e. you hear a ringing phone and just press a button to answer?


(first post btw :) ) Hello all!
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By WelshPaul
Hi Willko and welcome to the forums...

I briefly played around with this for a week, that was some time ago now mind. Worked very well with Voipfone at the time - Being honest I cannot for the life of me remember how call pickup worked on the OBiPLUS! :\

I know Voipfone use the **EXTENSION shortcode, I think I still have the OBiPLUS subscription active on my account. I do intend playing with this service again but with OBi10xx IP phones rather than Cisco stuff. I use freepbx myself via a raspberry pi and it works well!

I will find out if one touch pickup is available on the OBiPLUS service and get back to you. :)
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By WelshPaul
I think you can use the call park function in OBiPLUS to do this. You’d create a parking lot for each of the extensions and assign the users to each extension, then define a speed dial on each phone to release the relevant call from the parking lot – at least that’s how I think it works in theory!!! I’ve not actually tried it myself though!


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