Get help with installing, upgrading and running a PBX such as Asterisk.
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Most of these I have not used myself, for more information each one links to the official website so click on the one that interests you the most. Some are free, some are not.
  1. 3CX
  2. 4snewcom
  3. Askozia
  4. Asterisk
  5. Astimax
  6. Avaya
  7. AYC Telecom
  8. Brekeke
  9. Broadsoft
  10. Cisco CallManager
  11. FreeSwitch
  12. Epygi
  13. IANT
  14. Innovaphone
  15. MetaSwitch
  16. NATJA
  17. Nilando
  18. Nortel
  19. Objectworld
  20. Pandora Networks
  21. PBXnSIP
  22. Pingtel
  24. SIPbase
  25. SIPGear
  26. SIPfoundry
  27. Starface
  28. Super technologies
  29. Sylantro
  30. Trixbox
  31. vtalk
  32. VoIPOffice

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