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You do indeed get conflicting information when reading their various support guides...
NOTE: "" is a generic Geo-DNS hostname entry. You VoIP calls will be routed to the closest regional facility, such as London or Sydney or New York. Latency and jitter are important factors affecting the quality of your voice service. If you wish to point your device to a specific datacenter, please review the list of local proxies at the bottom the "SIP" section while logged on to
So is definitely the proxy address regardless of your geographical location.

I then found this:
Important: didlogic gateway automatically bans IP addresses after several consecutive incorrect authentication attempts. If your IP is banned, you will not be able to register to, or browse the website - for 3 hours. Make sure you are using your numeric SIP login and SIP password – not website password. The SIP login username is different from your account number. You will need to power down y our device to stop registration attempts, and wait for the ban to auto expire.
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Maybe your IP address has been temporarily banned by didlogic? But then you can access so maybe not.

Are you willing to give me access to your account for a brief moment? I won't make any chargeable calls, will check the settings and register it against a test phone here. You can change your password after once done? If so reply to my PM :)
newvoipuser wrote:RE: Just dropped you a pm...... I don't know how to use that, I try to open it...all I see is a list of "IncrediblePBX on Raspberry PI, I can't make it work, need help"...over and over again.
Click on your username located in the top right hand side of the screen or click here: ucp.php?i=pm&folder=inbox

There appears to be an issue with your DID / account...

I successfully registered two different phones to your account, a Snom 760 and a Yealink T48G Using the proxy address and your SIP credentials. Both resulted in network failure errors when attempting to make calls and all inbound calls receive an engaged tone! So...

I set your DID to forward to a SIP URI address via your account but again all incoming calls received an engaged tone. I then set your DID to forward to a fixed line telephone number, again all inbound calls received an engaged tone. So it appears your DID isn't working and as all outbound calls fail too the issue is definitely account related. You need to contact didlogic support so they can look deeper into your account and make sure that your DID is setup and active against your account.

I have set your account back so that your DID is once again setup to forward calls to your SIP account/ VoIP phone.

Your unifi UVP phone needs to be setup as follows:

User name: SIP Username
Authentication name: SIP Username
Password: SIP password

I recommend you factory reset your phone and configure it with the above changes and wait for Didlogic support to reply to your support request.
Thinking about it...

I have an old PAP2T ATA in my draw, I could set it up as per this guide: ... s-pap2-ata and see if your number works?
Just setup the PAP2T and outgoing calls now work but inbound still have an engaged tone. Give me another 5 - 10 minutes and see if I can get inbound working but so far it looks like the inbound issue is DID related...
I have setup the PAP2T exactly as described here: ... s-pap2-ata

I even created a new SIP account on your didlogic account just in case the issue was related to the original one but all inbound calls are receiving an engaged tone. I can successfully dial out (I didn't answer the call, so you haven't been charged) ok.
Your more than welcome to log in and purchase another :)
The Snom phone is successfully registered and I can make outbound calls on it. I forgot that Snom phones have RTP Encryption enabled by default and this prevents outbound calls working with most VoIP providers.

So your account is fine, phones register and work ok. The inbound issue is 100% with your DID...

Next step beyond waiting for support or buying another DID would be to follow this guide: ... ot-ringing
In the troubleshooting guide it states the following:
1 In case the end user reports "DID not working"

We receive the call from a participating telecom provider and attempt to route the call to your destination; if YOUR destination is invalid or not answering, the call will fail. You will hear busy tones or "invalid number" messages when calling the DID. Please ask your VoIP administrator to correct your inbound routing setup ON DEVICE. You are hearing the "not in service messages" because YOUR DEVICE rejects the inbound call attempts and of course the Public Switched Telephone Network MUST play the rejection messages to the callers.

- Login to your account, click on the DID "destination" link (call group/SIP address), and delete all data using the "trash bin" icon. Route the DID number to [email protected] using the "SIP" option in the dropdown menu. Call the DID number. You will hear an IVR with echotest or hold music option.
But when I log in and delete all data using the "trash bin" icon and route the DID number to [email protected] as per the troubleshooting guide instructions I still get an engaged tone and not the IVR with echotest or hold music option mentioned above.

The DID's are not working and only didlocal can resolve this issue. :(

Both DID's are currently set to forward to: [email protected] and when calling either DID you should get an IVR with echotest or hold music option presented to you but instead you just get an engaged tone. Your going to have to wait for support to respond unfortunately. :cry:
By newvoipuser
Thanks so much Paul, at least I know the DID is where the problem is. Not sure how long support will take to reply. I might have to buy another beer or two, your assistance is greatly appreciated, and no doubt cheaper than getting an IT expert to visit my house and find that the problem seems to be the DID, and Hong Kong has to fix it.


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