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newvoipuser wrote:Thanks so much Paul, at least I know the DID is where the problem is. Not sure how long support will take to reply. I might have to buy another beer or two, your assistance is greatly appreciated, and no doubt cheaper than getting an IT expert to visit my house and find that the problem seems to be the DID, and Hong Kong has to fix it.
It's ok, best thing to do is now is reset your phone and set it up as per the settings here: viewtopic.php?p=4039#p4028 Then wait for support to get back to you.

Remember that at this present time both your DID's are set to go to divert to the didlogic test URI [email protected] and not your phone. Once they resolve your inbound call issue just change the destination back to 'SIP Device' and try calling the DID again, your Unifi phone should ring. If outbound calls continue to fail at this point then all we need to do is look at one or two other options on your phone. :-D

Just reply to this thread and I shall receive a notification and respond in due course. :)


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Did they fob you off?

I just set your first DID number to forward to a fixed phone line here in the UK. Again you still get an engaged tone...

It states at the bottom of the page:
- If you still prefer to email: make sure you have completed the steps above. The very first thing support will do is to route your DIDs to a test IVR and this routing will remain after checking is complete. Your callers will hear a test greeting - be sure to login and change it back to the required destination to avoid any confusion.
So they should know that your DID's are/were setup to use the test IVR. Maybe time to look for another VoIP provider if support is that poor. ;-)
By newvoipuser
Hi Paul, no support from Didlogic. I have now been locked-out of my Didlogic account, they claim that my password is wrong. I have a 24 hour IP ban from their website. I have had it with Didlogic.

If you can access my account could you please delete everything, delete my sip, delete my DID's, alter my profile and contact info, remove my name and email address....everything related to me I want removed from their website.

I will find another SIP provider in Australia in the next few days. If anyone ever asks about Didlogic...let them know it is an awful company, they sell broken DID numbers and refuse to give any support to customers.
I have just successfully logged in using the email address and password you sent me in an earlier PM. Are you sure you want me to delete everything?

I just tested the number ending in 722 and it appears to be working now.

I will await your reply before doing anything. :)
By newvoipuser
Hi Paul, so if you called the 722 number and it rang.....what phone is that connected to? Because I deleted both SIP accounts from my VOIP phone 4 or 5 hours ago.

I looked online and searched "Didlogic problems" and found a lot of 1 star reviews, every review said they are the worst voip company in the world. Instead of paying $5 per month for Didlogic account I would rather pay $10 per month and have an account with a company that has a support line based in my country, and support staff whos first language is english. Didlogic has been nothing but a problem fer me.
I have setup your didlogic sip account on my Snom 760 and incoming calls now work ok.

Call the DID ending in 722 and you should hear it ringing.
By newvoipuser
so the support request I sent telling Didlogic that the DID's I bought were not working, looks like they fixed the problem, but could not be bothered to reply to me. I am just hesitant to give then another cent of my money, they will not communicate with me, and the service they sold me was obviously faulty....ok it is fixed now... but I signed up 2 weeks ago and I have not been able to make 1 call or receive 1 call.

I think I will just find a local SIP provider, even if it costs me twice as much I will be happy to not have the problems that I have had with Didlogic.
It now appears that the phone is unregistering after a short period of time. :cry:

I have several other SIP accounts on the phone with other providers and they all remain registered when didlogic goes down. Didlogic are very tempremental!

Someone is ringing the number, I haven't answered in case it isn't you lol
Phone has rung approx 8 times in the last 10 minutes. Good job I haven't answered then! :-D

I am testing the account now using the proxy to see if that helps.

EDIT: A New York number with the following caller ID 12121666666 is constantly ringing your DID number!
By newvoipuser
Didlogic is just to much of a problem for me, I will never do any business with them again. If you want to call a friend feel free to use all the credit in that account, I can't even sign-in to the account, and with the de-registering problem you are seeing I just don't want a doddgy service that drops in and out at random, that is no use to me.
I would look else where, using the proxy the phone has a rock solid registration but then the DID no longer works. Switching back to results in an unreliable registration but the number works (when registered).

It's very tempramental and that is probably why they have zero support guides when it comes to IP phones. I haven't used any of your credit, I have removed your account from my Snom phone so your free to try it out if you wish. Even if you get it up and running the DID number you purchased is being spammed every 1-2 minutes! :-o

All passwords and usernames are the same as listed in your PM, I haven't changed any.
By newvoipuser
I found on the negative feedback sites that Didlogic has some kink of software that detects suspicious patterns, and imposes IP blocking to prevent fraud. That is the reason that I have been IP banned from their website, the computer has decided that you are the owner, and I am in another country trying to get access to your account. I cant even send a support request to them as I am totally IP banned from their website. I tried on another computer with a different IP address, but I have no access to their website. Tomorrow the 24 hours will be finished, but I might get instantly banned again, because if their fraud detection label me as a threat today it will do again tomorrow. Best to just walk away from this unreliable troublesome company, to much hassle for me to bother with.
I haven't logged in now since around the 10am mark (UK Time) so you should be able to log in tomorrow. I won't log in again, if you still have trouble logging in or contacting support and you want me to delete your DID's and sip account just let me know.

It's crazy that they block your IP address across their whole site! Many users will log in from different countries when using a VoIP account, that's normal behaviour.

Do you have another VoIP provider in mind?


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