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By WelshPaul
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Snom D765 12 Line SIP/ VoIP IP Phone

I purchased this phone some time ago and it has sat in it's box on top of my wardrobe unused ever since. Comes boxed with an Ethernet cable, PSU, manuals, handset, base and stand (photo above is of actual item). Device is unbranded, unlocked and running the latest firmware too. This phone will work with most VoIP providers such as Voipfone, Voicehost, Sipgate, Voiptalk, Voipcheap etc...

The D765 combines ease of use, versatility, design quality and audio performance. It offers a 3.5” high-resolution colour TFT display that delivers rich information – such as presence and photo caller ID – to the user. 16 freely programmable multicolour function keys can be configured for a variety of one-touch telephony functions such as speed dial, busy lamp field or presence indication.

This desk phone features two Gigabit Ethernet ports, built-in Bluetooth compatibility and a high-speed USB port for easy connection of accessories including a USB or Bluetooth headset, a WiFi stick or a D7 expansion module. Superior audio quality is delivered by the advanced speaker and microphone system and the Digital Signal Processor (DSP).

D765 Key Highlights
  • 16 programmable function keys
  • Handling of up to 12 simultaneous calls
  • 3-way conference on the phone
  • Supports PoE
  • USB Port
  • Call blocking (deny list)
Price: £98.00p - Plus £5 delivery.
Cisco 8841 3PCC

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