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Refurbished Snom 300
I have a few refurbished Snom 300's for sale. Their in very good condition! All have new curly cords, Ethernet cables and include the stand. All come boxed (pictures below are of actual item(s), but as these are PoE, no power adaptor is included.

The Snom 300 PoE (black) is targeted squarely at the small business and home office user. It has all Snom's usual excellent build qualities and features combined with a good price. It is capable of handling four simultaneous incoming and/or outgoing calls. Like all Snom phones, it has two Ethernet connections so that you only have to run one cable for both your PC and phone.
  • Two-line display (2x16 characters)
  • 27 keys, 7 LEDs
  • 6 programmable function keys
  • 2 Ethernet ports (10/100 Mbps)
  • 4 SIP registrations ("lines")
  • Headset connection
  • SIP RFC3261
  • Security: SIPS/SRTP, TLS
  • Codecs: G.711, G.729A, G.723.1, G.722, G.726, GSM 6.10 (Full rate)
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Auto answer (Suitable for remote carers)
A two-line LCD display enables the display of call information. The menu-driven user interface makes it very easy to manage numerous features. The user is guided intuitively through the phone menu via the navigation key.

Additionally, more complex phone applications, call details, and configuration variations are accessible via the browser of the connected PC.

The Snom 300 has six free function keys. The advantage for the user: He or she can freely decide what functions like hold, call transfer, call forward, or access mail box to map onto these keys. For other available functions please see the data sheet.

The Snom 300 is designed for different environments: For use in small offices, call centers, lobbies, recreation rooms, as well as at home.

With its numerous phone functions, the demands of everyday communication can be managed easily.

The Snom 300 has a headset connector and can be used as a tabletop phone or wall-mounted phone. Its energy consumption of 1.0-1.5 W/hr is lower than that of most competing products.

As the Snom 300 supports all of the common compression codecs such as G.729a and G.723.1, it is compatible with numerous components of other manufacturers and can be used in low-bandwidth environments. An integrated 2 Ethernet port switch enables connection to the network over an RJ-45 interface simultaneously with the PC connection!

Price: £19.99p (each) - Plus delivery.


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