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Have several Snom 370 telephones for sale over on ebay. ... 2587fd5e3c

Please note these phones are provisioning unlocked and can be used with any service provider.

Snom 370 is compatible with all major SIP providers and SIP PBX`s.

All our items are security marked and fully tested before despatch.

The Snom 370 is the VoIP phone for the business user who needs immediate access to all of their important information. With the large graphical, high-definition display, the Snom 370 offers an improved and extended presentation of call lists, address books and caller information. Caller information can be customized easily through XML to depict the information the user wants displayed.The improved interface guarantees ease of use and comfort. Context-sensitive menus offer additional options according to individual requirements. The Snom 370 supports several audio devices simultaneously, for example, it is possible to use the handset,headset, and loudspeaker concurrently.Through the mini browser, users can have direct access to their own applications via the display screen. Users can not only customize the design of the display but, also view news tickers and other information as well as access central or public phone directories.


Tiltable, high-definition graphical display (240 x 128 Pixels)

Large LED (red) for incoming calls

47 keys, 13 LEDs

12 programmable function keys


Dual Ethernet connection

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Additional keypads with 42 programmable function keys


Security: SIPS/SRTP, TLS


Codecs: G.711, G.729A, G.723.1, G.722, G.726, GSM 6.10 (Full rate)

National Language Support

Let me know if you have any questions.

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