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By WelshPaul
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To configure your Cisco SPA1xx device for use in the UK simply enter the following URL into your web browser:
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Important Notes:
  1. Replace "192.168.1.x" with the actual IP address of your SPA1xx
  2. Replace "mypassword" with your SPA1xx administrators password
A UK configuration file will be uploaded to your SPA1xx configuring it with all the necessary UK regional settings.
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Please find below the contents of the UK Configuration File that is uploaded to your device...
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
 Version 1.0
 SPA1xx UK Configuration
 24 July 2015, Generated with v1.3.5 (004p_XU001) Apr 21 2015
 This file should be used with the OBi2xx series devices only!
<flat-profile xmlns="http://www.sipura.net/xsd/SPA112" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.sipura.net/xsd/SPA112 http://www.sipura.net/xsd/SPA112/SPA112-1-3-5-004.xsd">

  <!-- Parameters for Line 1 Tab -->

  <!-- Dial Plan -->

  <Dial_Plan_1_ ua="na">(100|101|111|112|155|195|999|116000|116111|116123|1[4-5]71|118xxx|0[1235789]xxxxxxxxx|08001111|0845464x|00.|*xx)</Dial_Plan_1_>

  <!-- Parameters for Line 2 Tab -->

  <!-- Dial Plan -->

  <Dial_Plan_2_ ua="na">(100|101|111|112|155|195|999|116000|116111|116123|1[4-5]71|118xxx|0[1235789]xxxxxxxxx|08001111|0845464x|00.|*xx)</Dial_Plan_2_>

  <!-- Parameters for Regional Tab -->

  <!-- Call Progress Tones -->

  <Dial_Tone ua="na">350@-19,440@-22;10(*/0/1+2)</Dial_Tone>
  <Second_Dial_Tone ua="na">420@-19,520@-22;10(*/0/1+2)</Second_Dial_Tone>
  <Outside_Dial_Tone ua="na">420@-22;10(*/0/1)</Outside_Dial_Tone>
  <Prompt_Tone ua="na">520@-19,620@-22;10(*/0/1+2)</Prompt_Tone>
  <Busy_Tone ua="na">400@-20;10(.375/.375/1)</Busy_Tone>
  <Reorder_Tone ua="na">400@-20;10(*/0/1)</Reorder_Tone>
  <Off_Hook_Warning_Tone ua="na">480@-10,620@-16,1400@0,2060@0,2450@0,2600@0;60(.2/0/1,.2/0/2);240(.1/.1/3+4+5+6)</Off_Hook_Warning_Tone>
  <Ring_Back_Tone ua="na">400@-20,450@-20;*(.4/.2/1+2,.4/2/1+2)</Ring_Back_Tone>
  <SIT1_Tone ua="na">950@-16,1400@-16,1800@-16;20(.330/0/1,.330/0/2,.330/0/3,0/1/0)</SIT1_Tone>
  <MWI_Dial_Tone ua="na">350@-19,440@-22;10(.75/.75/1+2)</MWI_Dial_Tone>
  <Cfwd_Dial_Tone ua="na">350@-19,440@-22;10(.75/.75/1+2)</Cfwd_Dial_Tone>
  <Holding_Tone ua="na">600@-20;*(.1/.1/1,.1/.1/1,.1/2.2/1)</Holding_Tone>
  <Conference_Tone ua="na">350@-22;20(.1/.1/1,.1/9.7/1)</Conference_Tone>

  <!-- Distinctive Ring Patterns -->

  <Ring1_Cadence ua="na">60(.4/.2,.4/2)</Ring1_Cadence>
  <Ring2_Cadence ua="na">60(1/2)</Ring2_Cadence>
  <Ring3_Cadence ua="na">60(.25/.25,.25/.25,.25/1.75)</Ring3_Cadence>
  <Ring4_Cadence ua="na">60(.4/.8)</Ring4_Cadence>
  <Ring5_Cadence ua="na">60(2/4)</Ring5_Cadence>

  <!-- Distinctive Call Waiting Tone Patterns -->

  <CWT1_Cadence ua="na">30(.1/2)</CWT1_Cadence>
  <CWT2_Cadence ua="na">30(.25/.25,.25/.25,.25/5)</CWT2_Cadence>

  <!-- Ring and Call Waiting Tone Spec -->

  <Ring_Frequency ua="na">25</Ring_Frequency>
  <Ring_Voltage ua="na">70</Ring_Voltage>
  <CWT_Frequency ua="na">400@-10</CWT_Frequency>

  <!-- Control Timer Values (sec) -->

  <Hook_Flash_Timer_Min ua="na">.06</Hook_Flash_Timer_Min>
  <Hook_Flash_Timer_Max ua="na">.2</Hook_Flash_Timer_Max>
  <Interdigit_Long_Timer ua="na">6</Interdigit_Long_Timer>
  <CPC_Duration ua="na">.09</CPC_Duration>

  <!-- Miscellaneous -->

  <FXS_Port_Impedance ua="na">370+620||310nF</FXS_Port_Impedance>
  <Caller_ID_Method ua="na">ETSI FSK With PR(UK)</Caller_ID_Method>
  <Caller_ID_FSK_Standard ua="na">v.23</Caller_ID_FSK_Standard>

  <!-- Miscellaneous Settings -->

<Time_Zone>+00 2 2</Time_Zone>
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By SteveAtVoIP2Go
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GRTMan - there are no DTMF settings included in the sample config file. There's a little more to getting alarm systems to work than just the DTMF settings. I have alarm receivers that you can use for testing if you want to drop me a PM.
GRTMan wrote:Paul, Does this configuration file make the SPA1XX compatible for alarm DTMF use?
Hi GRTMan,

No, this simply configures the device with UK specific settings for use with VoIP.

Personally I have never tested out any alarm equipment with VoIP ATA's. What worries me is that if I was to upload a working config and somebody uses it, should their home or office to get burgled due to a failed communication attempt I have a feeling that I would get the blame. :sweat:

Drop Steve above a PM, I don't think anyone is more experienced in this field than him.

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