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Welcome to our official announcement concerning paid memberships here at UK VoIP Forums. Now, before you go off on one, let me make it clear that you don't need a paid membership to browse, create an account or post here on UK VoIP Forums. You may not even benefit from a paid membership! So why offer it? Simply put, it costs (me personally) a lot of money to keep this site up and running and these costs are increasing year by year. Because of this, it's important that I raise some funds in order to secure the site's future. Offering paid memberships are one way to achieve that and in return paid members receive a variety of benefits for helping support our growing community.

For a full breakdown of whats currently included with each membership, read on...

Enjoy the benefits of a basic account, plus:
  • Access to our premium download section

Enjoy the benefits of a basic account, plus:
  • Access to our premium download section
  • Post without moderator approval
  • Edit your own posts
  • Add polls to your posts
  • Change your existing poll vote
  • Disable word censors
  • Dislike posts
  • Bump topics
  • Use a signature
  • Hide your online status
  • Change your username
  • Extra private message storage space
  • Include up to 5 private message recipients
  • Send messages to groups
  • Attach files in your private messages
  • Forward your private messages
  • Edit your own private messages
  • No advertisements

To upgrade to paid membership you must first create a free account, you can do that here. If you already have an account you may upgrade and purchase your membership here.

IMPORTANT: Paid memberships don't exempt anyone from the terms and conditions agreed upon registration of a free account, or the Posting Rules found here. Failure to adhere to both could result in your account being temporary suspended or permanently banned, regardless of membership status.


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