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VIP membership gives you all of the same features as a free membership plus some important additional features - and your subscription helps support our growing community. For a full breakdown of whats currently included with each VIP membership, read on...
    Enjoy the benefits of a free account, plus:
    • Access to our premium download section
    Enjoy the benefits of a free account, plus:
    • Access to our premium download section
    • Post without moderator approval
    • Edit your own posts
    • Add polls to your posts
    • Change your existing poll vote
    • Disable word censors
    • Dislike posts
    • Bump topics
    • Set a custom user title
    • Use a signature
    • Set a personal status
    • Hide your online status
    • Change your username
    • Comment on profiles
    • Reply to profile comments
    • Extra private message storage space
    • Include up to 5 private message recipients
    • Send messages to groups
    • Attach files in your private messages
    • Forward your private messages
    • Edit your own private messages
    • No advertisements
Here are some of the most common questions about VIP Memberships. If you don't find your answer here, please contact the Board Administrator and they will be able to help.

How do I become a VIP Member?
If you don’t already have an account on UKVF, you’ll need to register first. This should only take a couple of minutes - just head to our registration page via the Create Account/Login link at the top of the page.

Once you’re signed up, head to our VIP Memberships page via Forums link at the top of the page and click the VIP Memberships option in the drop down box. Choose a VIP Membership option and you’ll be taken through to PayPal, our trusted payment processor, where you’ll be able to make payment. Your subscription will not automatically renew, so you’ll have to complete this process again once your chosen VIP membership expires.

Is your payment gateway secure?
Yes - all of our VIP Membership payments go through PayPal. That means that we won’t receive or handle any sensitive financial information.

How long does it take to process my VIP Membership?
Your account will be automatically upgraded as soon as your payment is processed. This usually only takes a couple of minutes but can take up to 24 hours to validate.

Can I get a refund on my Full Membership?
Yes. If you sign up and then change your mind, just send a message to the Board Administrator by clicking on the "Contact us" link located at the bottom of the page.

Unfortunately, we can’t issue refunds once you’ve used one or more of our VIP Membership benefits (for example, you’ve downloaded a firmware file, attached a signature or sent a private message). We're also unable to issue refunds if 30 days or more have passed since payment.

IMPORTANT: VIP memberships don't exempt ANYONE from the terms of use agreed upon registration of a free account, or the posting rules. Failure to adhere to both could result in your account being temporary suspended or permanently banned - regardless of membership status.
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