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Below you will find the settings and their values required to optimise your phone for the Voipfone service, Voipfone (I agree) recommend version 7.3.30 for snom 3xx phones and version 8.4.35 for snom 8xx phones.

You can run the Voipfone setup wizard found here: however doing so prevents you from making changes to some of the other available settings and I don't like that! If you want to run your phone with multiple SIP providers you may need to make a change or two to those settings Voipfone restrict. The settings below are the same changes that are made via Voipfone's setup wizard, only difference being no advertisements, no restrictions and any changes you make to your dialplan won't get overwritten. :thumbsup:

Note: I strongly recommend you jump to the Setup ---> Advanced ---> Update section located at the bottom of this post and apply those changes first, then reboot the phone. Failing to do this first may cause any changes you make to revert back the their factory defaults.

Setup ---> Preferences
General Information:-
Number Display Style: Name Number
U.S. date format (mm/dd): off
U.S. dialnumber format: off
Ringer Animation: off
Lock Keyboard:-
Allow keyboard locking: off
Emergency Numbers (space separated): 101 111 112 999

Setup ---> Identity 1 ---> Login
Login Information:-
Identity active: on
Displayname: ***Enter anything you want here, your name for example***
Account: ***Enter your Voipfone user id here***
Password: ***Enter your password here***
Outbound Proxy: ***Leave empty at first, one way audio or any registration issues enter outbound proxy***
Mailbox: 1571 ***If your using extensions, 200,201,203 etc... enter 1572 as the mailbox number***

Setup ---> Identity 1 ---> SIP
SIP Identity Settings:-
Dial-Plan String: ***See this thread: Voipfone UK Snom Dial Plan***
Proposed Expiry: 60
Long SIP-Contact (RFC3840): off
Support broken Registrar: on
Publish Presence on bootup: off

Setup ---> Identity 1 ---> RTP
RTP Identity Settings:-
Codec 1: G.711a
Codec 2: GSM FR
Codec 3: G.711a
Codec 4: G.711a
Codec 5: G.711a
Codec 6: G.711a
Codec 7: G.711a
Symmetrical RTP: off
RTP Encryption: off
Dynamic G.726 payload: off

Setup ---> Advanced ---> Network
DHCP ignore list: dns_server2 (on older firmware versions)
Options on DHCP:on 1 3 4 12 15 42 43 51 66 67 120 125 132 133 (on newer firmware versions. replaces DHCP ignore list:)
DNS Server 1:
DNS Server 2:
NTP Time Server:
NTP Refresh Time (sec): 1800
Timezone: 0 United Kingdom (London)
Auto Logout (min): 60
Ethernet Ports:-
Detect Ethernet Cable Unplug: No
Action on Ethernet cable replug: Ignore

Setup ---> Advanced ---> Behavior
Phone Behavior:-
Auto Dial: after 10 sec
Block URL Dialing: on
Challenge Response on Phone: off
Call join on Xfer (2 calls): on
Allow incoming calls redirection through programmable keys: off
Max. bootup delay (sec): 2
Return to idle screen on offhook: on
Logon Wizard: off

Setup ---> Advanced ---> Audio
Dialtone during Hold: off
Call Waiting Indication: visual only // since Web Interface/V8/Identities#SIP - SIP (Tab):Call Waiting Indication

Setup ---> Advanced ---> SIP/RTP
Retry interval after failed registration (s): 70
Use user: phone : off
Offer GRUU: off

Setup ---> Advanced ---> QoS/Security
IEEE 8021x Authentication:-
Ignore security advices: on
Allow CSTA control: off
Filter Packets from Registrar: off

Setup ---> Advanced ---> Update
Update Policy: Never update, do not load settings
PnP Config: off

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