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Below you will find a simple dialplan for use with Snom phones and Soho66:
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"|^(1[0-1][1-2])$|sip:\[email protected]\d|d""|^(444)$|sip:\[email protected]\d|d""|^(999)$|sip:\[email protected]\d|d""|^(8000)$|sip:\[email protected]\d|d""|^(116[0-9]{2})$|sip:\[email protected]\d|d""|^(118[0-9]{2})$|sip:\[email protected]\d|d""|^([2-8][0-9]{5})$|sip:01267\[email protected]\d|d""|^(0[1-9][0-9]{9})$|sip:\[email protected]\d|d""|^00([0-9]*)$|sip:+\[email protected]\d""|^(09[0-9])$|sip:blocked\@\d|d""|([^#]+)#|sip:\[email protected]\d|d"
If you decide to use it just make sure you change the 01267 area code in the above dial plan to your own area code though!

Please Note: If your local area code is four digits instead of five like mine e.g. 0121 then you need to change {5}$)|sip: which is located just before the area code 01267 in the above dial plan to {6}$)|sip: and your done!

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