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Want to use a Snom with your OBiPLUS setup? No problem. Simply follow the steps listed below to configure your Snom for use with the OBiPLUS service.

Ideally you should connect your phones to the LAN side of your OBihai Device. Once connected log in to your Snom's web based GUI by entering it's IP address into your web browser. The following was used with a Snom 821 running firmware v8.4.35.

1. Advanced > QoS/Security
  • Authentication for SIP Check-Sync: On (Turning this setting on enables challenge responses for Check-Sync requests.)
2a. Identity 1 > Login
  • Identity active: On
  • Displayname: OBiPLUS (Give it a name, anything you want.)
  • Account: 101 (Enter the extension you want the phone to register against. I'm using extension 101.)
  • Password: 123456 (Enter the password you set for the extension you set above.)
  • Registrar: (Make sure you change 123456789 to the OBi Number of your device. It's printed on the label located underneath your device.)
  • Mailbox: 500 (I have a mailbox account setup, to access Voicemail I dial 500.)
2b. Identity 1 > SIP
  • Dial-Plan String: "|^([1-5][0-9]{2})$|sip:\1@\d|d""|^(9[0-9]*)$|sip:\1@\d""!([^#]+)#!sip:\1@\d!d"
  • Proxy Require: obiplus
  • Proposed Expiry: 60
  • Long SIP-Contact (RFC3840): Off
  • Support broken Registrar: On (Make sure you turn this on or you won't receive incoming calls)
  • Publish Presence on bootup: Off
2c. Identity 1 > RTP
  • Codec 1: G.711a
  • Codec 2: GSM FR
  • Codec 3: G.711a
  • Codec 4: G.711a
  • Codec 5: G.711a
  • Codec 6: G.711a
  • Codec 7: G.711a
  • RTP Encryption: Off
  • Dynamic G.726 payload: Off
Now reboot your phone and it should successfully register with OBiPLUS, your now ready to make or receive calls.

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