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EDIT: I recommend you upload the latest Voipfone dialplan for Snom phones which can be found here.

I have come up with and use the following UK dial plan for use with snom's and Voipfone:
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"|^(1[0-5]{2})$|sip:\[email protected]\d|d""|^(166)$|sip:\[email protected]\d|d""|^(195)$|sip:\[email protected]\d|d""|^(999)$|sip:\[email protected]\d|d""|^(116000)$|sip:\[email protected]\d|d""|^(116111)$|sip:\[email protected]\d|d""|^(116123)$|sip:\[email protected]\d|d""|^(118[0-9]{2})$|sip:\[email protected]\d|d""|^(1471)$|sip:\[email protected]\d|d""|^(157[1-3])$|sip:\[email protected]\d|d""|^(09[0-9])$|sip:blocked\@\d|d""|^00([1-9]*)$|sip:+\[email protected]\d""|^14100([1-9]*)$|sip:+\[email protected]\d""|^147000([1-9]*)$|sip:+\[email protected]\d""|^([2-8][0-9]{5})$|sip:01792\[email protected]\d|d""|^(0[1-9][0-9]{9})$|sip:\[email protected]\d|d""|^(1410[1-9][0-9]{9})$|sip:\[email protected]\d|d""|^(14700[1-9][0-9]{9})$|sip:\[email protected]\d|d""|^\*\*(2[0-9]{2})$|sip:**\[email protected]\d|d""|^\*\*(1571...)$|sip:**\[email protected]\d|d""|([^#]+)#|sip:\[email protected]\d|d"
This is the dial plan that I use with my VoIP provider Voipfone, it will dial local numbers without me needing to enter my local area code. It also dials straight out on national and mobile numbers, Voipfone service numbers such as 123, 152, 155 and emergency services 112 & 999. Premium rate numbers are also barred!

If you decide to use it just make sure you change the 01792 area code in the above dial plan to your own area code though!

Please Note: If your local area code is four digits instead of five like mine e.g. 0121 then you need to change {5}$)|sip: which is located just before the area code 01792 in the above dial plan to {6}$)|sip: and your done!

Because I use "|^([2-8][0-9]{5})$|sip:01792\[email protected]\d|d" in the above dialplan i'm unable to dial Voipfone account numbers directly such as 30xxxxxx and 30xxxxxx*xxx, this is down to Snom not allowing you to set a delay for individual dialplan strings! I never call these numbers myself so it makes no difference to me! Dialling a local number without the need to enter my local area code is more important in my case. ;-)

I also recommend that you navigate to Advanced > Behaviour and change "Auto Dial:" to "After 5 sec" on your Snom phones web interface. :)

I will provide a better breakdown of the above dial plan at a later date, until then you may also find this resource useful: ... xpressions


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