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Below is a generic Snom dial-plan string suitable for the UK.

It allows local calls to be made without the need to enter your local area code first (See Note 1 below), blocks outgoing 09 premium rate calls (See Note 3 below) by default and when pressing the phones pound key, forces the phone to dial a number without delay (See Note 4 below).
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Note 1:
In the above dial-plan string you will find the following: "|^([2-8][0-9]{5})$|sip:01792\1@\d|d"

What does it do? This allows me to call local numbers here in my home town of Swansea without the need for me to enter my local 01792 area code first. Make sure you either remove this syntax from the the above dial-plan string if you'd rather dial local numbers just like you would on a mobile phone or replace the '01792' part with your own local area code.

Example: If your local area code is shorter than the local area code used by myself above, e.g. 0121 then simply change 'sip:01792' to 'sip:0121' and replace '{5}' with '{6}'.

Note 3:
If you want to allow 09 premium rate calls, simply remove "|^(09[0-9])$|sip:blocked\@\d|d" from the dial-plan.

Note 4:
Dialing a number on a Snom phone that isn't matched to any dial-plan syntax results in a delay of around 10 seconds before the phone dials out. You can speed up the process by pressing the tick key. Many are used to pressing the # key because that's the default key on Cisco, Linksys, Obihai etc. If this causes a conflict with other calling features used by your PBX or you simply don't want it, remove: "|([^#]+)#|sip:\1@\d|d" from the dial-plan above.


Not interested in dialing local numbers without the need to dial your local area code? Don't want 09 premium rate calls blocked? Don't want to use the # key to place a call? No problem! Use the dial-plan below:
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