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By OWComs12
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Good evening everyone.

Firstly, sorry if this topic has been asked before, i've used to search function and unfortunately found nothing. Also, if posted in the wrong sub-section, mods please feel free to move to correct one.

So, the story is, I am seriously considering Vonage, or another VoiP provider, to provide a service in providing a second telephone line in my house, with a local area code to my landline, purely for my business reasons. I rang Vonage up today, and the man I spoke to said quite unsure-like, that the Cisco 7800 Series telephones, or even any Cisco based VoiP phone would not be compatible on either a UK Residential or Business plan. I thought it would be good to ask for a 2nd opinion from someone who knows about this topic on this forum. What do people think? If it is possible, how difficult is it with Vonage or another company to preference the phone to the VoiP system?

Thanks everyone for your time!

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By WelshPaul
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Vonage don't allow you to use your own equipment with their residential plans, well they never used to. It's been a long time since I looked at their offerings as I personally don't like them. Why? Vonage were expensive, lock you into contracts and restrict your choice of hardware (Their latest business plans however did allow users the choice to use their own hardware).

As for the Cisco 7800, it is not a native SIP based device. It can be used with SIP but requires a firmware upgrade, provisioning via XML files and even then, features are limited. So yes, it should work with the likes of Vonage providing they give you the required account credentials to register the device to your SIP account but you'd be better off replacing them with native SIP phones.

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