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By lamnian
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I am trying to convert a 7975 to sip. I have downloaded the required files and set up the TFTP server with all the files and the SEPxxxxxxxxxxx.cnf.xml file with the mac address of the phone. From the sftp server logs I can see that the phone requests a SCCP75.9-1-1SR1S.loads and nothing else. On the phone screen I get the upgrading with my mac... then it shows is ip and the file name SCCP75.9-1-1SR1S.loads... then is reboots.

What have I done wrong?

Thanks in advance
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By WelshPaul
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If the phone is requesting the SCCP75.9-1-1SR1S.loads (Skinny Client Control Protocol) file then its probably not seeing the SEPxxxxxxxxxxx.cnf.xml file, and so it won't load the SIP firmware. If the MAC address of the phone is 123 then the filename should be SEP123.cnf.xml.

It could be a simple case of 'you can't go from a lower firmware version to the latest' without upgrading in stages...

Try loading the v8 files and let me know how you get on...
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By WelshPaul
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Use the files contained in the zip file to configure the phone as shown here:

If you experience any NAT related issues then all you need to do is alter the NAT settings on the extension server side. 🙂

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