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Performing a Factory Reset is an important procedure for when you want to make sure you have a clean and fresh start before you begin configuring your VoIP IP-Phone from scratch.

I will always recommend that you perform a factory reset on your VoIP device before proceeding with my VoIP configuration procedures. This is good practice to ensure that all settings are initialized to their factory set values. This will avoid the pitfalls of trying to configure your VoIP device with a new service and not being aware of previously set values that may conflict with your new service provider settings.

Generally speaking, all of the Cisco and Linksys VoIP adapters and IP Phones work very well using the factory default values. From there, it is usually just a few VoIP provider specific settings that need to be edited to achieve service registration, depending on your specific VoIP provider.

The following procedure explains how to perform a factory reset on the Cisco SPA301 IP-Phone.
  1. Connect an Ethernet cable from the SPA301 to your NAT-Router LAN port.
  2. Power-up the SPA301 using its supplied AC power adapter.
  3. Lift the SPA301 handset.
  4. Press the star key (*) four (4) times to access the phone's IVR system. e.g.: ****
  5. Dial the factory reset code: 73738 followed by the # key. e.g.: 73738#
  6. Hang up the handset to allow the factory reset to proceed.
  7. You will see the phones status light flash orange while it is resetting.
  8. It will take about 60 seconds for the factory reset to complete.
Now that your IP-Phone has completed its factory reset, you are now ready to configure your phone with a VoIP service provider of your choice.

You may first want to upgrade your phone to the latest version of firmware before proceeding with configuration with a VoIP provider. Firmware on new phones is almost always outdated by the time you unpack it from its shipping box.

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