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By WelshPaul
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I have come up with the following Dialplan for use with OBihai hardware and Sipgate:
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(999|112|101|111|10000|10005|10020|50000|116000|116111|116123|1471|<1571:50000>|0[15]xxxxxxxxx?|0[27]x xxxx xxxx|0800xxx xxxx?|0808xxx xxxx|08001111|08[47]x xxx xxxx|0845464x|03xx xxx xxxx|118xxx|100|155|195|09xx xxx xxxx|00xxx.|xx.|+xx.|<01792>[2-9]xxxxx|(Mipd)|[^*#]@@.)
Just copy and paste the dial plan to the Service Providers ---> ITSP Profile A ---> General ---> DigitMap field. (If Sipgate is configured using profile A of course!)

The above dialplan is set to dial local numbers without the need to enter your local area code, as I live in Swansea that would be '01792' in my case... Just find '01792' in the dialplan above and change it to that of your own local area code.

Please Note: If your local area code has less digits than that of the one used by myself in the above dialplan; you will need to add an additional 'x' to this part '[2-8]xxxxx' of the dialplan for each missing digit within your area code.

An Example:
  • Area Code: 01792 = <01792>[2-9]xxxxx
  • Area Code: 0121 = <0121>[2-8]xxxxxx
Simply put, a UK geographical phone number contain eleven digits including the area code.
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By WelshPaul
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brackenhill_mob wrote:This is very different (ie much smaller!) from the string in the UK settings August 2014 zip on the OBi support forum.

Could you explain the differences please? The bit I want is the local dialing code translation... :)

Hi brackenhill_mob,

You are correct, I came up with this dialplan before any 'UK' settings were ever created by OBIHAI. In fact it was me and Mark over at OBIHAI who I might add is also a member of this forum :D who created the 'UK configuration XML' file you downloaded from the OBIHAI site. I will look at this dialplan and update it tomorrow. :thumbsup:

It is this part <01792>[2-8]xxxxxS0 that allows local calls to be made without the need to dial the area code first. If your local area code is for example 0121 then you would use <0121>[2-8]xxxxxxS but notice I added another x to [2-8]xxxxxS0 as the area code 0121 is four digits where the Swansea City area code has five. (UK geographical numbers are eleven digits in length)
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By WelshPaul
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I have updated the dialplan.

For anyone wishing to bar premium rate calls just change '09xx xxx xxxx' to '!09x.' in the above dialplan.
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By WelshPaul
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The bar premium numbers thing is all down to the devices digimap (dialplan) and not the actual provider.

So if you were to add !09x. to the existing DigiMap parameter under ITSP Profile A and ITSP Profile B then calls to premium rate numbers would be barred regardless of what providers you have configured against them.

You could change the 09 part to 07 if you wanted to disallow calls to mobiles etc.

Just remember to separate each DigiMap syntax with a "|" (without the "")...

If your existing DigiMap was:

We would add the !09x. Like this:
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By WelshPaul
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billybob wrote:OK How about not having to dial the local area code?
It's covered in the first post.

Basically a UK number is 11 digits in length so if you lived in Swansea we would create a syntax as follows:


Let me explain further...

The <01792> part of the syntax automatically adds 01792 to any six digit numbers that start with a 2,3,4,5,6,7 or 8... If you were to pick up the phone and dial 888888 then the OBi110 will actually call 01792888888.

OBIHAI have a tutorial that may help you understand digimap a and call routes: ... l-v1-1.pdf

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