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It is possible to password protect administrative access to the OBi100 IVR system. By default, the IVR does not require a password to access. However, if you don't want anyone else making changes to your OBi configuration settings this way, then you may want to consider password protecting it from unauthorized users.

The procedure used to set the IVR password is almost identical to the procedure for changing the Administrator password for web browser access to the OBi100. The IVR password option is located just below the Administrator Password option, when using the web browser method.

So, as an alternate method (and actually easier), here I will provide the following procedure for using your connected telephone to set the IVR password via the IVR system, directly:
  1. Using your telephone connected to the OBi100 Phone port, dial * * * 5.
  2. At the IVR voice prompt, press the digit 1 for the option to enter a new password (or, PIN).
  3. Now, enter your new password, using the telephone key pad, followed by the # key.
  4. You will then be prompted to press 1 to confirm and save the new password.
  5. You can now press the star key (*) once more to exit the IVR system.
You can confirm the value that you have set by re-entering the IVR system by pressing * * * 5 again. This time, you will be prompted to enter your newly set password (i.e. PIN) before you can proceed into the IVR menu system.

NOTE: I have noticed that the IVR password does not block access to all IVR options. I'm not quite sure what Obihai's reasoning was for this. Personally, I had expected it to block all access to the IVR options. But, that apparently is not the case.

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