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By WelshPaul
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Log in to the web based GUI of the device by entering it's IP address into the URL field of your preferred web browser.

In the left pane click on the 'Voice Services' tab.

Now click on the 'SP1 Service' tab or which ever 'SPx Service' tab you want to block anonymous calls on.

Scroll down the page until you see the section named 'Calling Features' and look for a parameter named 'AnonymousCallBlockEnable'. Remove the tick from the 'Default' box and place a tick in the 'Value' box. (See picture below)
obi_ata_block_calls.png (129.98 KiB) Viewed 21825 times
Now click on Submit, then reboot your device. :thumbsup:

NOTE: You can also create a custom rule under the X_InboundCallRoute parameter to block withheld and anonymous calls.
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By ithinkibrokeit
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Thanks for posting this. I have been getting a lot of nuisance calls lately and this has helped but some calls still get through such as Withheld and Unavailable why is it not blocking these?

An example: If I withhold my number on my mobile phone and call the number that's registered against my obi200 the phone attached rings and displays Withheld on screen? Can you help me block these?
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By WelshPaul
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It appears that the an OBi device only blocks calls displaying a caller ID with the name Anonymous when this box is checked. The easiest way for you to block Withheld numbers would be to add Withheld,withheld to the X_BlockedCallers field. You can enter up to ten numbers to this field each one separated by a comma. (See screenshot below)
Screenshot.png (132.33 KiB) Viewed 21813 times
The reason why I have added 'Withheld,withheld' to the field is simple - If a call is received with the CLI listed as 'Withheld' (capital w) then the call is blocked, also if a call is received with the CLI 'withheld' (no capital w) again the call is blocked.

If we simply enter 'withheld' in the field should you receive a call with a CLI displaying 'Withheld' your phone will ring as normal, this is because it is has a capital W therefore it does not match the entry (all lowercase) in the X_BlockedCallers field.

Another Example would be that if you wanted to block Withheld & Unavailable numbers just enter Withheld,withheld,Unavailable,unavailable in the X_BlockedCallers field.

Save/Submit the changes and reboot the device. :thumbsup:

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