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By WelshPaul
Struggling to get your UKDDI accounts working with your Obihai device? This guide should have you up and running in no time...

First lets configure your UKDDI account, log in here: and navigate to 3C > Numbers > List.

I am going to assume you already have your numbers allocated as I already have as shown below:
UKDDI Logged In / List Numbers
If not, click on "Allocate new" and add them.

We need to route our UKDDI numbers to the device we're going to be registering against our UKDDI account - In my case an OBi200.
Click on the "green arrow" located under the "edit" tab for the number you wish to configure as shown below:
UKDDI Route Numbers
Under the parameter "Route:" we need to enter the word "register" as shown in the image above, then click create.

I did this for both numbers in my list and as such I now have the following:
List Numbers
As I am in the UK there are just a few more changes to be made, click on "3C > Numbers > Options" and under the secrion "Caller ID type" select "UK (UK CLIs as 0 + area code + number, international as 00 + full number)" and click on "Update" as shown below:
UKDDI Options
All we need to do now is to configure the registration parameters, click on "3C > Numbers > Registration" and make the following changes:
  • Registration interval: 60
  • Caller ID type: UK (UK CLIs as 0 + area code + number, international as 00 + full number)
  • DDI format: UK (UK DDIs as 0 + area code + number, international as 00 + full number)
As shown below:
UKDDI Regisatration
That's it! Your UKDDI account is now correctly configured and all we need to do now is configure our Obihai device...

My OBi200 is at it's factory defaults, I am going to configure my device locally by entering it's IP address into my web browser. You can do the same or you can use the Obitalk Portal if you prefer.

Note: If you have already configured your Obihai device via the Obitalk Portal and later make changes locally via your web browser the Obitalk Portal may overwrite any changes you make. I recommend you continue to configure your device via the Obitalk Portal.

Log in to your OBi200 device and navigate to "Service Providers > ITSP Profile A> Sip" and look for the "ProxyServer" parameter. (It's the first one in the list)

Remove the tick from the default boxes and enter the following values:
  • ProxyServer:
ITSP Profile A Proxy
  • RegisterExpires: 60
ITSP Profile A Register Expires
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "submit" button as shown below:
ITSP Profile A Submit Changes
Now navigate to "Voice Services > SP1 Service" and enter your UKDDI SIP Credentials:
  • AuthUserName: ukddi_1253232
  • AuthPassword: DSiKIv6Yc0TP
Note: Make sure you remove the tick from the use default option box located next to each parameter.
SP1 Service
Click on the "Submit" button to save the changes and then click on the "Reboot" button located on the top right of the page as shown above to reboot your device.

Your device is now successfully registered against your UKDDI account and you should be able to receive inbound calls from your UKDDI number(s) on your Obihai device. :thumbsup:
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By WelshPaul
Morning Dave,

The password shown above was changed before I submitted the tutorial. I don't actually use UKDDI myself and only created the account to do the guide. Oh and the phone numbers used in the above guide were also deleted before I uploaded the tutorial. ;)
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