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The OBIHAI VoIP ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) is primarily configured and administered by its web configuration utility. However, the device does have a built-in IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system which allows quick access to some of its most commonly used and accessed settings.

Personally, I don't use the OBIHAI IVR menu system very frequently. But when I do, I find it handy to have a quick reference chart for some of the most frequently accessed menu options.

Probably the most used and needed menu item is option 4. This option will talk-back to you the IP Address currently assigned to your OBIHAI ATA. In order to log into the web-based OBIHAI Phone Adapter Configuration Utility, you need to know what the DHCP IP address is that has been assigned to the ATA by your router.

The second most frequently used menu option is probably the REBOOT command, which is accessed via option 9.

I expect that the third most commonly used command is likely menu option 8, which initiates the Restore Factory Default command. As the name implies, this menu option will reset all administrator and user configurable settings (typically as set by the device administrator account) to their factory default values.

Accessing the ATA IVR system is straight forward.
  1. Take the attached analog telephone off-hook.
  2. Press the star key (or, asterisk) three-times. i.e.: * * *
  3. At this point, the IVR friendly voice will greet you "Device configuration menu. Press the pound key (#) at any time to return to the last menu or press the star key (*) to exit". It then proceeds to read out the menu options.
  4. Hang-up the handset (on-hook) to exit the IVR system.
For example, to listen to your IP address assigned to the device, proceed as follows:
  1. Take the attached analog telephone off-hook.
  2. Press the star key (or, asterisk) three-times. i.e.: * * **
  3. At the IVR voice prompt, enter the digit 4.
  4. The IVR will talk-back your ATA IP address assignment.
  5. Hang-up the handset (on-hook) to exit the IVR system.
That is basically it for the basic use of the IVR. There are more advanced features and options that some advanced users may want to access. In which case, I suggest you refer to the OBIHAI Administration Guide for more detailed usage of the IVR system.

For myself, I use the web-based configuration utility for all my other administration duties.

OBIHAI ATA - IVR Quick Reference - Condensed Version
OBIHAI ATA - IVR Quick Reference - Condensed
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