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By gsmlnx
From Obihai at ... 0-and.html

The important bits:

1. No new software or firmware after 12 AUGUST 2016

2. No Support (unless within 1 year guarantee period from APPROVED SELLERS ONLY or within current paid for support period) after 31 DECEMBER 2016

3. Paid for support contracts will no longer be sold at some point before 31 DECEMBER 2016

4. Also long as Google don't change their Google Voice protocol then it will still work on these 2 devices.


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By WelshPaul
I read about this last week while away on holiday.

The OBi200 is an adequate replacement for the OBi100 but the OBi202 and OBiLINE however is not an adequate replacement for the OBi110 as it appears to be so problematic for so many. :(
By gsmlnx
Doesn't affect me but thought others might need to know especially if they are looking to buy in the near future.

I'm a Obi200 user and have no landline but the fact that the announcement was made just 4 days before they ended the development of the device is worrying.

Makes you wonder if the company has a future, given that it is normal to announce EOL well in advance of stopping developments.

Need to think what happens if my Obi200 fails today? Would it be wise to just get another or have a contingency plan in place?
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By WelshPaul
OBIHAI appeared to be heading in the right direction when they thought they lost their Google Deal! Once they secured that, they appeared to stick their fingers up at everyone, got rid of Mark and focused on Google and only Google.

As you probably already know, the OBi5xx and OBi10xx series isn't available here in the uk and for some time now the OBi200 and OBiWIFI adaptors have also been unavailable. Looks like us UK users will only be able to purchase an OBi202, OBiLINE and OBiBT once they sell any remaining OBi1xx ata's.

I have several of each in storage, also still have a PAP2T in service. Just because something becomes end of line doesn't mean it needs to be binned. I would definitely recommend getting a spare OBi200, highly unlikely OBIHAI will vanish anytime soon but if yours breaks you may struggle to get another.
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By WelshPaul
Obihai don't have any OBiLINE adapters in stock; so if you did want to go for the OBi202 and OBiLINE as a replacement for the OBi110 you're out of luck. That being said, would you want to? Given all the complaints about an echo being present when making/receiving calls using the OBiLINE adapter. Then again, Obihai have replaced the OBiWiFi adapter with the OBiWiFi5G so maybe Obihai will replace the existing OBiLINE adapter too.

Currently Obihai offer for sale in the UK (via amazon) the OBi100, OBi110, OBi202 and OBiBT. It's likely that Obihai are simply waiting for current stock to deplete (which will help get rid of the OBi1xx series) before ordering in new stock from the states.
Echo44 wrote:So is there a view on an appropriate replacement device?
I don't think there is one! The Cisco SPA232D is a good contender but it isn't as flexible with it's configuration unlike the Obi110.
By mpmc
Ah *Bleep*, didn't even know they discontinued these :( My replacement 110 has been running fine now for ages & will more than likely continue to do so. It seems a bit strange that they've done this considering they have nothing AIO to replace it! Only thing I've found that might do it is this.. ... 1927240733
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By WelshPaul
Well you can forget about the SPA232D because thats end of life too and no longer available anywhere. Also, many VoIP providers such as Voipfone, Voicehost, Gradwell and Yay no longer sell any FXO/ FXS ATA's at all! ... gory&pid=2 ... apters-ata ... -adapters/

Voiptalk offer a few more ATA's including the Grandstream HT503 (Grandstream ATA-503 Analogue Adaptor) which has a FXO and FXS port: ... ue+Adaptor

Be hard pressed to find any decent FXO/FXS ATA's before long! :-o
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