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Logging into the Grandstream DP715 VoIP IP Phone base unit is accomplished via your PC and web browser. All you really need to know in order to login to the DP715 is the IP address assigned to it by your router's DHCP server and the IP Phone's Administrator Password.

If you purchased your phone direct from a reputable computer network hardware reseller, then your new phone should be an unlocked version and you will have full unhampered access to its configuration features, once logged in. However, if you obtained your phone from a VoIP service provider or your company's IT department, there is a high probability that the phone is locked-down and you will need to know the non-default administrator password to access its administrative features.

Basic Login Procedure

For a brand new DP715 IP-Phone (unlocked), Login as follows:
  • Connect an Ethernet cable between your DP715 and the LAN side of your Router.
  • Connect the phone's power adapter to the DP715. Then plug in the adapter to an AC power line.
  • Wait for the phone to fully boot-up (about 1 minute).
  • Determine the IP address assigned to the DP715 by your Router's DHCP server:
    - Pick up handset.
    - On the dial pad, press the star (*) key three (3) times. i.e.: "***"
    - Enter the IVR code: "02"
    - Press the Green Answer key to take phone off-hook and send the sequence as: ***02
    - The DP715 internal IVR system will now talk-back the IP address assigned to the phone.
  • Using a web browser on your PC that is also connected to your local LAN network, enter the IP address as assigned to the DP715 into the browser address bar, and press Enter.

    Your web browser will now display the Grandstream Device Configuration Login Window:
    (In my case, I'm using Google Chrome as my browser)
    Grandstream Device Configuration
    Web-Login-1a.jpg (24.96 KiB) Viewed 1177 times
  • By default, the Administrator Password to enter is: "admin".
    The Administrator Password is case sensitive. In this case, "admin" is all lower case.
  • Click the "Login" button to proceed to login.
By default, after successful login, you will always land on the Status tab page.

By default, the DP715 IP Phone base unit comes pre-Subscribed to Handset 1, which is shipped with the base unit. This is confirmed by the fact that the STATUS page Base Status section indicates that Handset 1 Subscribe is set to Yes. (Assuming the handset has batteries installed and is powered-up.)
Status Page
Status_Login-Landing-HS1-only_HS1-Not-Registered-1.jpg (163.51 KiB) Viewed 1176 times
You will also note that under the Handset Status section, Handset 1 SIP Registration status is shown as "Not Registered". This is normal on a new unlocked DP715 IP Phone.

Now that we have logged into the DP715 using the default Administrator password (admin), I should mention that it is always good policy to set a more secure password for your VoIP devices. The following section explains how to do just that.
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