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By default, the web interface of the Panasonic KX-UT113 is disabled for security purposes. To enable it, press the
"Setting" softkey and then enter #534 using the telephone keypad. Scroll to "Embedded Web" and set it to "On", now press the "Enter" softkey.

You will now be able to navigate to the web interface by entering the IP address of the device into your web browser. If you are unsure what this is, press the "Setting" softkey and scroll to "Information Display", press the "Enter" softkey and scroll to "IP Address". This will display the IP address of the unit.

I setup my Panasonic KX-UT133 phone with the following configuration:

VoIP > SIP Settings > Line 1
  • Phone Number: your voipfone account number, in the format 30xxxxxx
  • Register Server Address:
  • Register Server Port: 5060
  • Proxy Server Address:
  • Proxy Server Port: 5060
  • Presence Server Port: 5060
  • Outbound Proxy Server Port: 5060
  • Source Port: 5060
  • Authentication ID: your voipfone account number, in the format 30xxxxxx
  • Authentication Password: Your voipfone account password
I could make and receive calls successfully using the above configuration.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Panasonic's SIP phones don't accept the asterisk (*) symbol in the username field (even though it does actually take the setting) so they can only be used on the Voipfone master account.

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