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Below are the firmware release notes (in ascending order) for the Obihai OBi2000 Series IP phones. These release notes describe what new features, enhancements and bug fixes are contained within a specific firmware version.

To view the very latest release notes for the Obihai OBi2000 Series IP phones, click here.
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Supported Products:
  • OBi2182
Firmware Build 6.2.2 (4808) First Release
January 19, 2018
  • Supports full Line Key Customization for Left Line Keys and Line Keys (Right) for Buddy List, Network Services, Network Call History and Message Center
  • Supports per-Line preferences on the phone GUI
    • DoNotDisturb
    • CallForward
    • RegistrationStatus
    • RingTone
    • MessageCenter
    • BuddyList
    • ACD Agent Actions (Broadsoft) o NoRingOption
  • New skins: Tomas-Wide, Tomas-Wide-Left, Tomas Wide-Right, Ulrik-Wide, Ulrik-Wide-Left, Ulrik-Wide-Right.
  • Support for downloading pictures via HTTP URL embedded in text messages
  • Supports screenshot from GUI
  • Supports share option of media content via Outbound SMS, Email, Chats at Buddy List
New Features:
  • Supports ring attribute in Number parameter per Busy Lamp Field key to control if the phone should play a tone when monitored extension has a holding call
  • Supports playing call park ring when monitored extension (via BLF) has a parked call
  • Supports playing call park ring when there is a call parked against an extension that has a line key mapped to it
  • Supports repeating the ding or blop alert tone up to 9 times with a number (1-9) after the tone name, such as ding5 or blop4
  • Supports a :port server port parameter in OBiTALK server configuration.
  • Support to use two new (admin level) config parameters to control if Device Admin and Device Update web link are available to user level login (default is yes for backward compatible)
  • Add Settings soft key set to customize the soft keys at the top-level Settings GUI Menu
  • Add DeviceAdministrationMenu1 parameter to control the options to be made available under Settings/Device Administration menu on the GUI
  • Add a new user preference parameter ShowSharedCalls with 3 choices: Always, Never, User Select to control if calls of a share line (SP service with ShareLine enabled) that are active only on other phones. Default is Always which is the current behavior. Never never shows those calls on green. User Select presents on option item in the Call Screen to either Show or Hide those shared calls (active only on other phones), in order to barge-in, monitor, etc.
  • Add parameter Idle as additional SCA LED Pattern when SCA is idle (no one using that call appearance). Default is X (which means led off).
  • Monitor communication with the DSP and restart it proactively if necessary to prevent the loss of audio which would otherwise be recovered only after a power cycle.
  • Support the XML app url phone://messages to invoke the Message Center app
  • Support a AddLastHold soft key to add last hold call to conference on a connected call
  • Support a new ScreenItem parameter NetDirItem to customize the display for each entry of a network directory
  • Add NetDirectoryMenu1 parameter under Phone Settings page - GUI Menus section to customize the contents/fields of the details of a network directory entry to show
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