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I have come up with the following Dialplan for use with the OBi1000 hardware when used with Voipfone:
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(1[0-6][0-6]S3|195|[2-8]xxS3|999|116xxx|118xxx|1[4-5]7[1-9]|0[15]xxxxxxxxx?|0[27]x xxxx xxxx|0800xxx xxxx?|08001111|08[47]x xxx xxxx|0845464x|00xxx.|14100xxx.|147000xxx.|0[1-9]xxxxxxxxx|1410[1-9]xxxxxxxxx|14700[1-9]xxxxxxxxx|<01792>[2-8]xxxxxS3|[1-8]xx*xxx|3xxxxxxxS3|3xxxxxxx*xxx|xx.|+xx.|**[2-8]xx|**1571xxx|(Mipd)|[^*#]@@.)
The above dialplan is set to dial local numbers without the need to enter your local area code, as I live in Swansea that would be '01792' in my case... Just find '01792' in the dialplan above and change it to that of your own local area code.

Please Note: If your local area code has less digits than that of the one used by myself in the above dialplan; you will need to add an additional 'x' to this part '[2-8]xxxxx' of the dialplan for each missing digit within your area code.

An Example:
  • Area Code: 01792 = <01792>[2-8]xxxxx
  • Area Code: 0121 = <0121>[2-8]xxxxxx
Simply put, a UK geographical phone number contain eleven digits including the area code.

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