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OBIHAI have come up with the following tutorial to help you (and me) understand better how your OBi device works with digit maps.

What’s a digit map?
Digit maps are templates that match different sequences of digits that users dial as part of their interaction with their phone system. Digit maps only apply to off‐hook dialing, i.e., when the user first takes the phone off‐hook and then begins dialing digits, because with on‐hook dialing, the digits are fully entered before the phone is taken off‐hook. With off‐hook dialling, when there is a match between the digits dialled and the digit map, your OBi sends the digits to the PBX to initiate the call. If there is not a match, the OBi waits for the user to enter more digits or press the tick or dial key to indicate dialling is complete.

Digit Maps are also known as Dial Plans and with any luck by the end of the tutorial you will understand enough to help you create your very own custom Digit Map for use with your OBi device. :thumbsup:

What is call routing?
Call routing encompasses getting a placed call from one endpoint to another through the network. Decisions in call routing can be made for many reasons including least cost (toll bypass), least congestion, time of day, day of week, etc.

The tutorial will also help you understand how your OBi devices handles both inbound and outbound call routes. This could save you even more money or simply help you get rid of those pesky cold callers once and for all. :clap:
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An Introduction to Digit Maps and Call Routing for OBi Devices

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