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By kaiuk
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As a support and discuss based forum it might be useful to have one of those apps/hacks/widgets (or whatever they are called) so you can thank a post. Clicking on 'thanks' next to a post will let them know that you appreciate their support offered and you can display how many thanks a person has received.

Also, it helps to identify which posts are useful within a thread as one thread might have too many posts to read so just go straight to the one with the most 'thanks'.

If it gets done and this is useful, please thank this post ;)
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By WelshPaul
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I can implement this but at the moment I'm busy creating my own website. Once I complete that then I will look at the forums.

I was thinking about making the forums mobile friendly by making it responsive. Will get a to do list together. :)
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By WelshPaul
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Ah, I should of posted this sooner but I totally forgot all about it. :-/

I can confirm that I have added a like/dislike feature to the board some time ago, members can now "Like" or "Dislike" individual posts. You can view how many likes or dislikes a member has received (and given) in their profile and you can view the overall site TOP 10 LIKE / DISLIKE chart by clicking here.

I didn't stop there! I have also added a feature where members can react to posts and let others know how that post made them feel. :P
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By WelshPaul
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keymaster wrote:Good Morning WelshPaul
Do you mind saying what forum you use, my forum is Xenforo and I like that very much, but I also like yours.
Many thanks
Morning @keymaster ,

This forum is powered by phpBB. When the forum first went live back in 2013, it was using phpBB 3.0, today it's using phpBB 3.1. I can also confirm that I will soon be upgrading the board to phpBB 3.2, I have it all ready to go. I'm just awaiting the release of phpBB 3.2.1. Once upgraded, there will be no visual difference, members likely won't know the board has been updated at all. :P

Also, many of the features available on this forum are not part of phpBB and are not available on the phpBB website, Downloads, likes, reactions, mentions, 2-step authentication, tags, topic preview etc.
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