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By Ispanico
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Hey, guys, first of all: love the forum, I was already able to resolve an issue I'd been having with my internet connection!

Now to the reason for the thread: I think the avatar restrictions are a bit ridiculous. I couldn't even find an avatar less than 20 kbs and 120x120, the smallest avatar I could find that wasn't complete crap was 128x128 and 26kb, and it was REALLY small.

Just a suggestion, we're in 2015, I think less than 400kbs or something isn't going to fry any computers.

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By WelshPaul
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You can resize and compress an image online for free. I can take almost any avatar I can find online and resize and compress it then use it on this site. The reasons for the restrictions are to help keep bandwidth, storage and resources to a minimum.

Allowing attachments and screen shots is so much more important than avatars on a support forum I think, people usually come here for help then disappear once everything is up and running. :)
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By Yosh
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I'd agree that the avatar restriction is maybe a little bit much. I didn't have any trouble with it once I found an online image resizer, but that would be a bit of a handful for anyone who wants to change their avatar while using a mobile device. While yes, I agree that screenshots and attachments would be more important, I do think increasing the size up to 200 x 200 pixels might not hurt much.
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By bluegreen
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You can compress it as Paul said... But I don't think that a avatar would make any difference at all, after all what matters is your posts and your opinions :P But yes it would be something atached to your profile and it would help identifying you... Just compress it (if you really want it) and you will be fine :)

PS: and I agree with Paul, he made a great job with this forum, some forums are really "heavy" to my PC, I'm glad I found this one that runs really smooth on my PC and doesn't take almost any time to load!
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By WelshPaul
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I have taken on board your comments regarding the avatar restrictions and as a result I have recently implemented a new feature. You can now upload an image of any size and use an in-browser canvas to crop, rotate and resized your image Facebook style! No more annoying "avatar’s filesize..." error messages. :-D
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Oh, I also implemented the use of Gravatar avatars on the site too. :P
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