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Hello fellow members,

I have been working hard on the site over the past few days after redesigning the site as mentioned here. So far I have fixed several known issues and added two new features...

The first new feature allows a member to like or dislike a post, it works in the same manner as a "like" system often seen on social networking sites, for example two popular like systems used on Youtube and Facebook. see screenshot below:
Like or Dislike
Like or Dislike
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The way it works is simple, when reading a post you consider to be helpful, press the like button. This not only allows you to quickly identify "valued" replies but also a better visual way for identifying good content and makes it more personal by leaving your name in the "like" list.

If however you think a post was unhelpful, hit the dislike button. Posts that receive ten or more dislikes are hidden with the following message displayed "This content received too many dislikes. Click to view"

Secondly I have also replaced the old smilies with more modern looking ones that go with the flow of the new style of the site.

Hope you like the new features.
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