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By fleddy
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I've been a Sipgate user since 2005, and have a couple of accounts.

I'm looking at porting my old, old home landline number to Sipgate Basic account ahead of FTTP/FTTH rollout
in my area. I've all the Sipgate forms filled in, and am a little confused by a couple of things.

The mail from Sipgate, sending me the forms, mentions that "The port will terminate the phone line and
associated services like broadband. ", which is exactly what I don't want to happen.

I'm sure there are many who have done this in the past and more who'll want to with FTTH seperating out
BB from landline services. I'm also sure next to non of these will want to lose their BB.

I have just spoken to my current broadband provider (Vodafone), who have provided the CUPID code and
suggest assigning a random new number, before the port, so the port can pick my old landline number out
of the "pool". This all sounded very sensible, but at odds with the Sipgate process.

As anyone any suggestions or point out any caveats in this process? Many thanks in advance...
I got this replay from Sipgate this morning regarding the VF suggestion of putting number in the "pool".

"Thanks for your follow up and for providing the information.

what you've been told makes sense, Yes, but unfortunately this is not something which sipgate can do. When the
take the number "off" the line and drop it into a pool, this makes the number inactive, and since we can only port
active numbers, then we can not port it by pulling it out of an inactive number pool, this facility is something
sipgate is not allowed to do, sorry.

The only way we can port the number is if Vodafone keep it active and we take it off an active line.

The only suggestion we can give her, would be for Vodafone to set up a new line and number for you, then move
your broadband over onto the "new" line/number, leaving the number you wish to port active on it's line without
anything else attached to ut, so we can then port it without it effecting your internet.

Obviously, we can't say if this is something Vodafone offers/can or would do, but as we see it, it is the only option
we can think of where we could port your number and it not effect your internet connection."

Eh? So I can ONLY port an active connection and loose my broadband connection.

In which case, I'll wait till FTTH is available, make a new connection keeping the old one, then port it to Sipgate.
Getting VF to agree to the above suggestion... seems very unlikely, I'm thinking computer says no.

Anyone here have any other suggestions or success in doing it another way?

Many thanks, fleddy
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