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Purchased a Grandstream telephone adapter?
If you have purchased a Grandstream telephone adapter (ATA), it will come configured for the US telecom system as standard. As such, it will play back US style tones, sounds and some UK phone features may not work correctly unless you make some configuration changes via the devices web based GUI.

What are the UK regional settings for the Grandstream telephone adapters and how do I implement them?
Login to your Grandstream telephone adapters web based GUI by typing the IP address of the device into your web browser. (There is no need to enter "http://" before the IP address.) If prompted enter the username and password to complete the process, you should now have access to the devices Web based GUI, from here you can configure your device with the correct regional configuration settings for use in the UK.

As an example, on the Grandstream HT812 configure with the following:
  • Navigate to the BASIC SETTINGS page:
      • Time Zone: GMT (London, Great Britain)
      • Self-Defined Time Zone: GMT0BST,M3.5.0/1,M10.5.0
    • Navigate to the ADVANCED SETTINGS page:
      • System Ring Cadence: c=400/200-400/2000;
      • Dial Tone: f1=350@-19,f2=440@-22,c=0/0;
      • Ringback Tone: f1=400@-20,f2=450@-20,c=400/200-400/2000;
      • Busy Tone: f1=400@-20,c=375/375;
      • Reorder Tone: f1=400@-20,c=400/350-225/525-0/0;
      • Confirmation Tone: f1=1400@-10,c=0/0;
      • Call Waiting Tone: f1=400@-20,c=100/2000;
      • Prompt Tone: f1=350@-19,f2=440@-22,c=0/0;
      • Conference Party Hangup Tone: f1=400@-20,c=0/0;
      • Special Proceed Indication Tone: f1=350@-19, f2=440@-22, c=750/750-0/0;
      • NTP Server:
    • Navigate to the PROFILE 1/2 (FXS PORT on HT813) page(s):
      • MWI Tone: Special Proceed Indication Tone
      • Dial Plan: { 10[015] | 11[129] | 999 | 11[68]xxx | 1[45]7[1-2] | 08001111 | 0845464x | 0[1235789]xxxxxxxxx | 1410[1235789]xxxxxxxxx | 14700[1235789]xxxxxxxxx | 00xxx. | x+ | \+x+ | *x+ | *xx*x+ }
      • SLIC Setting: UK
      • Caller ID Scheme: SIN 227 - BT
      • Hook Flash Timing: Minimum: 60 Maximum: 200
      • Ring Frequency: 25
      • Ring Tone 1: c=400/200-400/2000;
      • Ring Tone 2: c=400/200-400/2000;
      • Ring Tone 3: c=400/200-400/2000;
      • Ring Tone 4: c=400/200-400/2000;
      • Ring Tone 5: c=400/200-400/2000;
      • Ring Tone 6: c=400/200-400/2000;
      • Ring Tone 7: c=400/200-400/2000;
      • Ring Tone 8: c=400/200-400/2000;
      • Ring Tone 9: c=400/200-400/2000;
      • Ring Tone 10: c=400/200-400/2000;
      • Call Waiting Tone 1: f1=400@-20,c=100/2000;
      • Call Waiting Tone 2: f1=400@-20,c=100/2000;
      • Call Waiting Tone 3: f1=400@-20,c=100/2000;
      • Call Waiting Tone 4: f1=400@-20,c=100/2000;
      • Call Waiting Tone 5: f1=400@-20,c=100/2000;
      • Call Waiting Tone 6: f1=400@-20,c=100/2000;
      • Call Waiting Tone 7: f1=400@-20,c=100/2000;
      • Call Waiting Tone 8: f1=400@-20,c=100/2000;
      • Call Waiting Tone 9: f1=400@-20,c=100/2000;
      • Call Waiting Tone 10: f1=400@-20,c=100/2000;
    Remember to click on the "Update" and "Apply" buttons located at the bottom of every page to save and activate the changes.

    Purchased a Grandstream HT813 telephone adapter?
    The HT813 is an analog telephone adapter that features 1 analog telephone FXS port and 1 PSTN line FXO port in order to offer backup lifeline support using a PSTN line. Additional UK regional settings are required for this model and I have included them below.

    Navigate to the FXO PORT page:
    • Caller ID Scheme: SIN 227 - BT
    • FSK Caller ID Seizure Bits: 96
    • FSK Caller ID Mark Bits: 55
    • PSTN Disconnect Tone: f1=400@-30,f2=400@-30,c=0/0;
    • Country-based: UK
    • Impedance-based: COMPLEX3 -- 370 ohms + (620 ohms || 310nF)
    Grandstream HT813 UK Dial Plan:
    Code: Select all
    { L: 10[015] | L: 11[129] | L: 999 | L: 147[457-9] | L: 17070 | 155 | 11[68]xxx | 1[45]7[1-2] | 08001111 | 0845464x | 0[1235789]xxxxxxxxx | 1410[1235789]xxxxxxxxx | 14700[1235789]xxxxxxxxx | 00xxx. | x+ | \+x+ | *x+ | *xx*x+ }
    More information about the above Grandstream HT813 UK Dial Plan can be read here: @UKVoIPForums @ Grandstream HT813 UK Dial Plan
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I have purchased the grandstream HT812 im sure it has the american phone settings on it if i put the settings you put on here into it will it then register my telephone in the ATA adapter and also with sipgate who i have got mytelephone number with.
Thank You Stephen
BrianG61UK wrote:If you want the dial tone to exactly match the normal UK dial tone you want to set it to:
The values you gave sound slightly different.
Hi @BrianG61UK and apologies for the late reply...

The British Telecom Suppliers' Information Notes (SIN 350 issue 1.8 dated September 2021) document titled "Openreach Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN): Network Tones And Announcements" tells us that the dial tone composition is 350 Hz plus 440 Hz.

So based on that information, the syntax I used in my original post above is correct.

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