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By theodore1
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Hello I'm Theodore,

nice to meet you.

I need your kind assistance if possible. We replaced our old Alcatel PBX with PAnasonic NS500 in order to modernize some features.

We have a range of 100 numbers from service provider, which with Alcatel when you dialed 1 of them , it would automatically forward to vessel

eg you would dial from your cell phone +country code (if not in same country) 10 digit number and then it would be picked up and forwarded to 14 digit 0087 inmarsat number for vessel.

Now for some reason Panasonic NS 500 although can forward to lots of places, it refuses to forward to the 0087 14 digit number.

Our panasonic installation engineer says it's the service provider messing with E1 settings. However we put back the old Alcatel just for a call and it worked again, immediately.

I think time is running out for him and it wont be long before management decides to give him back the ns500 and ask us to put Alcatel back...

But I'm 100% sure if a 12 year old Alcatel can do this, then the NS 500 should have this for breakfast.

So please kindly any ideas?

Main idea is we want to dial ten digit city number from our cell phone or whatever, NS500 picks up the call and forwards to 14 digit inmarsat number

we dial 2111036250 and forward to 00871234567890

we dial 2111036251 and forward to 00871234567891


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