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By WelshPaul
It's a common question asked, whether VoIP works on mobile broadband.

The short answer is, it can, but it's not recommended.

Unlike fixed-line broadband latency (the time it takes to send data from A to B) can vary hugely, in to hundreds of milliseconds. (The same applies when using satellite broadband)

Whilst the service may connect the time it takes to send data from you to your VoIP provider, and vice versa may be too much that it causes a long delay, or break ups mid call. (Which isn't ideal in a real time scenario)

Hope this helps.


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By JohnBrack
06up wrote:One can use VoIP on a 3G or 4G based broadband connection usually without issue. If you plan to use VoIP via your 3G or 4G capable mobile phone one needs to ensure to have a proper access plan.
Generally I have experienced very little issues running out of data while utilising my mobile data for VoIP, at one point I even used it from abroad with roaming (I have a plan that allows me 100Mbps of data while abroad, for free) and didn't experience any issue running out of data. So long as you have a few gbps, you should not be in any kind of trouble
By JohnBrack
westmixxin wrote:Running out a data is horrible and it seems that we figure so in the position to use your service in this way data seems that disappear much faster I been having an issue with that.
I'm curious, are you saying that you've experienced data drainage faster when using VoIP?

It's a given that the data usage will be substantially higher than your normal usage, but it's nothing to worry about if you just keep an eye on it and buy a data-plan according to your needs. Personally I installed a data tracking app on my phone, so now I have no real worries.
By wahmed
I talk to my husband on voip, hes abroad studying and it seems ok. Very rarely does the call cut or the voice zone out while hez calling from out of the house. The only time this happens is when hes going through a tunnel, which would happen with a regular call. It does however eat up his data allowance, he had to shift to a contract with all you can eat data.
By pwarbi
If your using VoIP on mobile broadband, isn't the only issue going to be the amount of data you use?
While mobile broadband might not be as reliable or stable as a fixed line surely its good enough to do the job, esp with 4G now being available in most areas of the UK.
By allswl
I have use it also and have rarely had any problems. For those who have had issues, the problem could lie with the provider of your service. I think that with the continued advancement in technology and what can be done via broadband chances are good that htis is the way we will be communicating in the future.


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