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By nytegeek
Sunflogun wrote:One thing I'd like to understand is why sometimes the internet seems to be dying for a couple of minutes. I wonder what might be happening to cause that.
Your are going to have to elaborate on that one to get a useful response. There are so many things that can happen to interfere with your connection and speeds that they couldn't possibly all be listed here.
By vinaya
I want to ask a question regarding internet speed. My internet package I have subscribed comes with up to 7.2 MBPS. However, when I am using internet, the connection speed shown at the interface of my USB dongle is around 1 MBPS. I tested my internet speed with one of the links provided above and the results are different from what my USB dongle interface shows. Why there is variation on speed?
By WillLin
Hi all

New here, I do work for a company that sells VoIP but want to contribute.

A decent tool for checking internet speed and quality of your connection with VoIP or SIP is available here: http://myspeed.visualware.com/index.php.

Select UK > then the test type. It only allows you to test using their server in London, but gives a decent indication as to whether you will have issues. We use this tool for all installs at locations that can't get FTTC, it's usually pretty accurate.


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