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By GoofyCyborg
Customers of TalkTalk’s home broadband service can now download a new Talk2Go app for Android and iOS (iPhone etc.), which allows them to make and receive calls (i.e. using their landline minutes) whilst out and about on 3G or 4G based mobile broadband or over Wi-Fi connections (charged at the same rate as if they were at home).

The app itself, which also includes a ‘Follow Me’ feature that transfers calls from a customer’s landline to their mobile – in the UK or abroad, was first unveiled a month ago.

Apparently customers can pair their TalkTalk landline with up to four mobile devices and never pay for calls between one another with free in-app calls. The app is now free to download for all of the ISPs customers via either the Apple App Store and Google Play.


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By Kappys
Interesting. After the low profits and mediocre reputation of TalkTalk, i did not think they would make this move. I can see it as beneficial to those that are business partners with talktalk but other than that its more wasted revenue. Its the exact same thing as having a normal phone.
By Niall95g
I have always been with TalkTalk for my broadband, and I can honestly say that I have never had an issue with them (except when the installation was first set up and the router didn't work, however they sent another one the next day!)

I think the Talk2Go application is a great idea!
By pwarbi
While I've never used the app, I don't really have any use for it to be honest, I do think its a good idea though and I'd be surprised if more companies ddidn't do the same.
As for talk talk as a company, I switched to them a couple of years ago and I've never had any problems with them at all. I've read horrendous reviews by some people but I've not experienced anything bad at all, well...up to now anyway!
By wahmed
The app itself is a really great idea for people that perhaps run businesses at home. Or perhaps if you frequently get calls from abroad. Apart from that I think that everyone now has a mobile and people know that if your house phone isn't awnsered the mobile is available.
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By lokiebunny
Yup I have heard about this app from one of my friends lives in UK. He said that its really very easy to understand or use by using this we can save lot of time. People can adjust their account details through application, feature like "Follow me" which transfers calls, like from customers landline call to mobile call, just like diverting the calls. Still everyone has their own mind set to see the thing's however the concept of this application is very clear now we need to see the market response.
By pwarbi
I'm also a user of talktalk and while I'm aware of the app, it's not something that I'm making use of to be honest. I very rarely use the landline phone and my free minutes I get are wasted every month, but there's not a lot I can do about that as the free mobile minutes also go the same way.

I'm on the lowest prices plan possible and why they keep insisting to give people free minutes as an incentive is beyond me.

I'm sure the app works perfectly fine, but most people simply have no use for it.


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